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We are German Airlines


For more than 25 years we have 267 aircraft traveling to 479 interesting destinations worldwide, daily. Next to domestic and European connections we also serve exciting intercontinental routes, providing our pilots a great variety. Our fleet comprises many different types of aircraft, ranging from the small Airbus A319 all the way to the colossal Boeing B777, for which we provide custom repaints. To accomplish this we employ a Fleet Manager, keeping our fleet up-to-date.

As a special feature, German Airlines VA has its own flight school, giving pilots basic and extended knowledge on a variety of subjects. Out German Airlines Flight Training team will accompany you on your way to our
honorary rank of Fleet Captain. With every theory exam this goal comes closer.

Naturally, German Airlines VA is also represented in the world of online flying. Currently, IVAO and VATSIM are supported. German Airlines VA also employs a custom schooling server where our German Airlines Flight Training team will help pilots learn and train for the real deal. Members who are particularly active on this subject will receive bonus awards.

Thanks to the large and extensive dispatch center our pilots are able to carry out a realistic flight preparation as well as request  a lot of interesting information about their flight.

Furthermore, through our exclusive charter department, we offer our members even more variety in the virtual airline day-today! Here, special flights are regularly organized, for example based on real, current events. Of course, these flights are fully credited.

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  • The German spelling is also valid in the Internet and also at German Airlines VA: Upper and lower case are to be considered, point and comma contribute to a better understanding of a post.
  • Many exclamation or question marks after a statement are rather annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or do not you think about ??????????????
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  • Posts without punctuation do not help in understanding a post. You have to think for a long time what the author wants to express, especially if hee does not shtick to the speling and just sarts riting.
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  • It is considered rude to quote a whole postings and it does not contribute to the clarity. Therefore, only passages to which the answer refers should be cited. Less is more here.

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Kilian Hofmann
IT / Data Protection
Jonas Bellmann
IT / Data Protection
Sebastian von der Weydt
PR / Social Media
Julien Barth
Routes / Aircraft
Thorsten Kolb
Routes / Aircraft
Jonathan Boussemart
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Our Honorary Members

Jens-Holger Reinecke
Bernd Kulisch
Rüdiger Schaub