Our roules: General rules

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  • When registering, the real name and surname, a real email address as well as date of birth, country and state must be indicated. German Airlines VA assures in the context of the privacy policy not to forward any data, in particular the member data, to third parties unless there is a criminal offense that must be reported to the police.
  • We wish to stay in contact with our members, a smooth communication is important to us. Therefore, fake email addresses (so-called disposable addresses) are not allowed and a real email address is required. Our system rejects these fake email addresses and checks our database regularly.
  • Members have the option to add a picture to their profile. If a member chooses to, we care about that this picture represents a photo of the member. Pictures of airplanes, cockpits or similar are not welcome.
  • Membership is completely free. German Airlines VA does not pursue any commercial interests.
  • The minimum age is 16 years. Minors require the consent of their parents.
  • For every natural person only one account is allowed. Multiple registrations are not permitted and will be immediately deactivated or deleted when they become known, whereby the first account will always be retained.
  • Membership is automatically suspended (i.e., disabled) unless a flight is completed or the member has participated in our community within twelve weeks. An affected member is informed about the deactivation and receives information to reactivate his membership. After a reactivation the account can be used in the same way as before the deactivation.
  • A complete deletion of an account is only possible by the webmaster, who will carry out the deletion immediately after explicit request.
  • In the unlikely event that members repeatedly violate our rules, commit or instigate an offense, they may be permanently excluded.

Career system

  • In principle, all German Airlines VA flights can be operated either online or offline. Both IVAO and VATSIM are supported on equal terms.
  • The transmission of a flight (both online and offline) for entry into the German Airlines VA is only possible with the help of GaTools. Flights recorded with other programs can not be transferred to the system.
  • Should a flight be carried out online on one of the established online networks, their rules and regulations must be followed.
  • It is not possible to transfer flight hours flown for other VAs into our system. Skipping ranks is not intended.
  • Any attempt to circumvent the rules of the career system of the German Airlines VA or to gain points illegitimately may lead to the exclusion by discretion of the team.
  • In order to obtain a rank, including the starting position, it is necessary to take a theorie exam after attaining the prerequisites listed under Laufbahn. If a test is not passed, it can be repeated up to three times after a reasonable waiting time (further tests can be activated in consultation with the flight school).

Interactive content

  • Each member can use all functions of the German Airlines VA system. In particular for the forum we point out that the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular the copyright, are to be kept. Each member is personally responsible for content posted and commits, to only post content whose copyright allows for such publication.

Aerosoft Virtual Airline Services

  • A member may request access to the Aerosoft Virtual Airline Services. To do this, all prerequisites must be fulfilled as described in the privacy policy and in addition ...
    • ... the memeber must be active.
    • ... the member has at least the rank of II. Officer.
    • ... membership has existed for at least three months.


In the netiquette, some guidelines for the daily handling of our members in the forum are summarized:

A suitable subject line should be selected.
  • Each subject should be given a suitable subject line so that other members can see at a glance what the thread is about.
  • Headlines like "Help !!!" or "ARGHHH !!!" are not very meaningful and are simply ignored by many members because they are counterproductive.
  • The German spelling is also valid on the Internet and also at German Airlines VA: Upper and lower case are to be considered, point and comma contribute to a better understanding of a post.
  • Many exclamation or question marks after a statement are rather annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or are you of another opinion ??????????????
  • Please note, writing in capital letters, is screaming and it is just as wrong to write everything small. This is simply irreverent to the readers of the thread and it is quite annoying to read a post in which everything is written in small letters.
  • Posts without punctuation do not help in understanding a post. One must think much longer on what the author wishes to express, especially if he does not luk on the ordographvie and onlih wride on it.
Searching before writing
  • Before writing a question in the forum, the existing search function should first be used to check whether the topic has already been dealt with. Multiple threads with the same content should be avoided.
One topic per thread
  • Threads can become confusing. Therefore, only one topic should be discussed per thread.
  • Thread hijacking is to be avoided, i. in a thread do not start a new topic with a completely different question.
Writing meaningful posts
  • Completely meaningless and perhaps even thickly printed questions like "how does that work?" can be pretty annoying. Why?
Meaningful quote
  • It is considered rude to quote a whole posting and it does not contribute to the clarity. Therefore, only passages to which the answer refers should be cited. Less is more here.